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ALIENATED – Meet The Characters

Welcome to this space opera featuring Mia Willis:

Lead Character: Mia Willis, a twenty eight year old American entertainer and deejay who is kidnapped and taken away by aliens.

Second Lead: Rex. (No known last name). A twenty-three year old man who has been living with the aliens ever since his early childhood years. He has no recollection of his earthly family.

Aha Ishobad: The cruel alien master who purchases April and intends to kill her, cut her up, and harvest organs from her.

Fionn E: The actual alien who abducted April when they raided Manhattan. She is an ex-fiance of Ishabod, and she will get to meet April again.

Slasher: An aide of Ishabod’s. Helps carry out the business of organ harvesting by drugging and killing victims

Vega: A ghost of dead alien man.

Prima donna: A real living witch, hundreds of years old.

Sheikh Ramzi: One of the few sympathetic aliens. He assists April and Rex a little.

Webo: An alien whose behavior just complicates things.

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