ALIENATED – Meet The Characters

Welcome to this space opera featuring Mia Willis:

Lead Character: Mia, a twenty eight year old American entertainer and deejay who is kidnapped and taken away by aliens.

Second Lead: Rex. (No known last name). A twenty-three year old man who has been living with the aliens ever since his early childhood years. He has no recollection of his earthly family.

Aha Ishobad: The cruel alien master who purchases Mia and intends to kill her, cut her up, and harvest organs from her.

Fionn E: The actual alien who abducted Mia when they raided Manhattan. She is an ex-fiance of Ishobad, and she will get to meet Mia again.

Slasher: An aide of Ishobad’s. He helps carry out the business of organ harvesting by drugging and killing victims.

Vigoose: A zombie of  a dead alien chief.

Sheikh Ramzi: One of the few sympathetic aliens. He assists Mia and Rex with some clues as to how the Qmalian magic system works.

Captain Weba: A pilot of alien raider planes, one whose behavior just complicates things.


2 thoughts on “ALIENATED – Meet The Characters

    1. Thanks very much for your comment. Actually you are not being rude, you’re just stating your preferences and I welcome that. If you like the cover with the brunette, then your wish is going to come true because it’s the one we are going to actually use. The one with the blond is just a trial one I made, but I cannot use it because I do not have rights to the original picture. It’s just up temporarily for show and will be removed once the book is out

      Thanks very much for the support, Ace. I really appreciate it

      Kezzy Sparks

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