Inspiration for Alienated

Although the idea for this space adventure story of mine was sparked off by an air incident involving Paris Hilton, ALIENATED actually grew as a fanfiction featuring Bella Swan of Twilight fame. Incidentally, the Paris Hilton story was a hoax designed to promote her family’s chain of hotels, and we will deal with it no further here.

Bella is an all-time favorite book character of mine, but in ALIENATED, the fanfic, she does not get married to Edward, but departs Forks after their shocking breakup and the inevitable heartbreak. She ends up in New York, comfortable in its high society, and now works there as a top of the range entertainer and emcee. Because somehow I so much wanted to take Bella into space and involve her in a hot new romance, I invented a barbaric alien race called Qmalians, who come to steal people from earth. One night at a gig Bella is kidnapped and taken, and that’s where the novel ALIENATED begins.

Because I do not own the rights to the character of Bella, Mia therefore became my choice of main character. Mia is not only drop-dead gorgeous she is a true kick-ass heroine any lover of adventure stories will like.


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