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I, Kezzy Sparks, am a Toronto, Canada based author of fantasy and paranormal thrillers and romances. I’m relatively new to actual book publishing and ALIENATED is my debut work. This is not to say I’m new to the art of writing, though, and I have been seriously working on fiction pieces since the early months of 2010.

Now, guys, I can hear some of you say hey Kezzy if you have been writing for this long why haven’t you been published in all those years. Well, the simple answer is all my older efforts were not accepted by the system, if you know what I mean. It takes years to perfect the art but I’m now at a point where I can be confident that whatever I put out there will be at par with the very best.

Apart from writing I also read a lot. My interests are spread across a variety of genres but most of my time is spent consuming fantasy and paranormal works. Major authors I’ve had the pleasure to read include Terry Brooks, George R R Martin, Terry Pratchett, Brandon Sanderson and others, not forgetting the inimitable Neil Gaiman. My favorite female fantasy authors include Jeanine Frost, Sherilynn Kenyon, Darynda Jones and Kim Richardson of the Guardian Angels series, also not forgetting my lady Amanda Stephens. I also spend considerable time on Wattpad checking out the tons of fantasy and paranormal romances there.

When I’m not reading or writing I watch TV, or go out to catch a movie, watch a game, or just plain hop from one bar to another. Books, though, remain my greatest favorite.


6 thoughts on “About Kezzy

  1. Kezzy, My grandparents are from Canada; Quebec, and my husband is from Canada. I have been to Toronto many times. I love Canada. I have no doubt that you are a great writer. Many of my friends here on WP, FB, all, love paranormal, fantasy, and romance. You will do well. You deserve it…you seem very dedicated to the craft of writing. I am a newbie, and have 3 books self-published. They are okay for a beginner.

      1. Kezzy, my books are okay…not great. I was a beginning writer of fiction four years ago. Writing fiction is not at all like writing medical research. However, I have learned much since then, and I am just finishing my 2nd draft of my 4th novel. For me, writing is a hobby, for you, it is a profession, a life that you have worked toward for many years. I am sure you are a naturally gifted writer! I hope you have a wonderful and fun weekend. Karen 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on K. DeMers Dowdall and commented:
    I believe in supporting young authors. This young author is soon to have his first book published and he deserves to have our support. He has been writing most of his young life. He loves to read as well. He loves Paranormal, fantasy, and Sci-fi.

  3. Not to worry…. a lot of writers are having troubles these days. The Old System we all want to believe is still there just is not, and the risk to take on new authors quite substantial financially for traditional publishers. This has contributed to a lot of frustrated writers who really cannot gage where they are in skill and creativity — especially when we all hear the ghosts just offstage from the 1970s-1980s suggesting it should be relatively easy to find SOMEONE to publish us if we are any good.

    Just keep reading and writing. Work on your characterization, your voice and your craft. Be ready for success. That way, if you DO get lucky with a traditional publisher, you will be good to go. Also look into writers groups. I administer one for Horror and Dark Fantasy writers at https://grmhwapa.wordpress.com if you want to see how we do it in our group…Or form your own… we all need to stick together and help each other in order to figure this brave new world out!

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