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Alienated: Book Summary

April Willis, an American entertainer and deejay is captured by aliens one night while at a gig in inner Manhattan. She is drugged, and along with others spirited to a planet which though invisible to humans is actually not too distant from earth, just twenty hours of travel in a super-fast rocket.

On arrival on this iPlanet, April is sold to an alien lord with a medical military background and who among other things is into the business of harvesting organs from captured humans and selling them to his fellow citizens in need. The lord takes April to his estate where she is lucky to meet another stolen earthling named Rex, who is a trusted servant of this lord. It turns out Rex was kidnapped as a toddler, has no recollection of his short life on earth, and has lived with the aliens for long such that he is now a citizen, though of a much lower status.

April faces certain death, but Rex is able to win her a temporary reprieve when he tricks his master by secretly inscribing on April’s shoulder a revered symbol that will force the master to give April over to the Holy Alien church. Rex runs the risk that if his trick is discovered, he could be seriously punished, get stripped of his status and become liable to suffer the cruelties that captured earthlings suffer on this planet.

Unfortunately after inscribing the symbol, Rex remembers its religious festival week and if April is handed over to the church she will be sacrificed to the Alien gods. This is a fate worse than April had been facing, and so Rex and April have no option but to attempt a daring escape. They seriously injure a man who is trying to stop them, and when they leave the master’s estate they are not just runaways but wanted fugitives.

The world outside is hardly forgiving, and before April and Rex know it almost every alien countryman is looking for them. In the little time that they have before the net closes in, romance blossoms between April and Rex, and the love is so strong it’s the only thing to live for as the odds against them mount.

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