Hustlers, another look at female struggles

Over the past weekend, I broke away from my usual routines and went to check out Hustlers, one of the movies showing, currently.

Starring long time crowd favourite, Jennifer Lopez, and up and coming Constance Wu, the hype surrounding it is not hard to understand. J Lo has a whole career behind her and certainly needs no introduction, while Constance Wu is the power behind Crazy Rich Asians. There is also a slew of other actresses to fill in the gaps, though none of them showed as much sparkle as the two leads. A smattering of males completes the cast, but they all were pretty much run of the mill, and none stood out. This probably may have been of the film makers’ design, for almost all males are drunk in this film.

Hustlers tells a story of struggle, of being a foreigner in a land going through hard times. Although the film starts when it’s 2007 and the US economy is doing well for many, it’s not until the financial crisis of the following year hits, that life really gets hard for our downtrodden MCs. The crimes they eventually go on to commit are understandable given the circumstances, after all it’s the richest bastards of Wall Street that they steal from.

Although I was initially drawn to the film with the hope of feasting on some eye candy, and the movie does not disappoint much on that score, I ended up getting hooked to the story’s desperate-times-call-for-desperate-measures theme. J Lo shines in this arena, leading her pack of femme fatales to do things they could never have believed they could.

It’s the ending that I found a little underwhelming, because its predictable and undramatic.

Three and a half stars from me for this one.

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