Cover Love Friday


Hello there, lovelies. Today is my turn to participate in this weekly meme termed Cover Love Fridays. It’s a feature that allows us to judge a book simply by its cover, even though there’s this age-old rule that cautions us against doing just that. My reason for taking part is that Cover Love simply allows us to celebrate the stellar work done by graphics designers worldwide, as they work diligently to bring an author’s ideas to life in the form of a thought-provoking or alluring cover.

My entry today is Midnight Jewel by Richelle Mead, a second in series novel I’m currently checking out.

It concerns a down-trodden girl who has signed up to be transported abroad and married off to any wealthy suitor willing to pay the involved hefty fee—and then the girl can live her life happily or sadly as a trophy wife. Does our Girl, Mira, rush to get into the arms of some boring old man? No, not by any chance. Mira has found love for herself and is working hard to flip the system on its head.

My comment: This cover, friends, is awesomely pretty and it swept me off my feet. I maybe a sucker for fine-looking girls but you have to admit this model is the definition of gorgeous. The flowery background contrasts well with her skin, and well, what more could you ask for? Overall, a five-star piece.

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