Friday: What Are You Reading?

Ever since I’ve put my own writing projects on a hiatus so I can figure out where I want things to go, I have taken to reading fiction a lot, both as digital or audio. To be honest I used to hate audio but have now completely embraced it, since it offers certain flexibilities that can’t be possible with other formats. This is a fact that has been dealt with extensively on many blogs, and I will not bore you with the arguments here.

So far as my choice of genres go, currently I have been dedicating most of my time to checking out those hyped YA books that I totally ignored when they came out. Apart from popular titles like The Hunger Games, Divergent series, Harry Potter and Twilight, I have never been too eager to pick up YA novels but now I’m discovering there’s actually a lot out there, great and not so great. It’s not an easy genre to like if you’re too much into serious plots, but if you’re into easy reading and simple characterization, then it does have something to offer.

Moving on to what I’m currently enjoying, or alternatively enduring, here are two I’m taking in simultaneously.

The Elite: #2 in The Selection Series

I’m listening to the audio version of this. A beautiful though low caste girl has entered a competition to become the bride of a rich, handsome prince.




The Sound of Us. #1 in the Radio Hearts Seies

The first ever novel by famous Geekerella writer Ashley Poston. I only just began reading this and have no idea where the plot will take me, so we’ll see.

If you’re into YA, have already checked out these titles? What do you think about them?

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