Throwback Thursday

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

Like millions before me, I have decided to give this one a re-read. Published circa 1998, it and it’s companion books are hardly new anymore, though their popularity hasn’t diminished at all over that time. Chamber of Secrets is the second in the series, and being in that position, it carried the unenviable burden of having to move the whole story forward without loss of thrills, or any diminution in entertainment value. That was a feat hard to achieve, coming off the back of the highly-adored Philosopher’s Stone, and had this book failed to deliver, we wouldn’t have had any Harry Potter legend to talk about. Fortunately it actually did sizzle and the success of the HP series is sealed in gold and beyond all debate.

For now in this story, I’m at that stage where the Weasleys dare a huge magical rescue and whisk harry out of his home prison by means of a flying car😊😊


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