Cover Love Friday

This week I would like to feature the three lovely covers of The Handmaid’s Tale, a novel by Margaret Atwood that I have been meaning to read for ages but still haven’t got to. I love dystopian tales and this is one of the classic popular ones that captured quite a sizable audience. It’s success was boosted, too, by the fact that it got adapted into a movie, an opera, and then a TV series. It probably also helped that it was published by one of the most iconic writers of today, one with a long list of decorated works, spanning from short stories, to poetry, and graphic novels.

My preferred cover for this title is the second one, although it probably doesn’t better portray the image of an oppressed woman living in a dystopian period like the other two do. Still I’m loving it! How about you, what do you feel?

7 thoughts on “Cover Love Friday

    1. Thanks Heather I know I’m missing a lot on not reading this fantastic story, and the sooner I reverse that the better. Always grateful to see that you passed by.

  1. I love the artwork on the second cover, but I think the first cover is my favorite. It’s simple but gets the point across.

    I kind of have this on my TBR list as well. I don’t know if I can bring myself to read another Atwood novel, though. She’s brilliant, but her books have been hard to get through for me. I’d rather read her poems or short stories. They’re compelling and more easily digestible.

  2. I prefer the first cover and not sure if I would read it though considering dystopian themes are not something that I enjoy. Anyways, thanks and much appreciated for sharing

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