LightLark by Alex Aster

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It’s not usual that I get intrigued when I hear an author has been making waves on TikTok, because honestly TikTok is not something I’m too interested in right now but I have to say a report on this young author Alex Aster having a teaser on there that’s already raked 1.3 million views got me seriously hooked. I mean how is it even possible that a mere book concept, where there isn’t even a cover to sell yet can have such a huge audience. Well, Alex may be a YA author with one title published to date, and may be liked by thousands of young adults out there, but still. And for her efforts she has already scored nothing less than a three-figure advance from Amulet Books, a phenomenal amount for a relatively unknown writer in these days of belt-tightening by the industry. The novel is called Lightlark and isn’t scheduled to be published until fall 2022, but hey I already can’t wait because of all the buzz.

You can check out the video here

Lightlark centers on a once-in-a-century competition between the rulers of six realms, each of who is afflicted with a wicked, fatal curse. In a bid to break their curses, the six combatants do battle with one another, knowing that one of them must die so that the others may live. In the midst of it all is one woman, Isla Crown, who must pick her way through a deadly web of intrigue if she wants to make it out of the game alive — but soon finds her victory campaign waylaid by a romantic entanglement.

Well, I can only say good luck to Alex, and let’s hope the novel comes out right to justify all the hype, and that ultimately it gets all the success that it’s built up for.

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