First Lines Friday

Hello and welcome to this weekly meme that’s popular with a lot of bookworms and I am no exception. I have to confess right away though that I haven’t done this feature in a while and so it feels really great to be doing it again. Today I’m going to spotlight a YA title that made waves at the height of the dystopian era, one that started with the searingly popular Hunger Games trilogy.

Without any further ado then, here is today’s opening lines.


The most dangerous sicknesses are those that

make us believe we are well.

—Proverb 42, The Book of Shhh

It has been sixty-four years since the president and the Consortium identified love as a disease, and forty-three since the scientists perfected a cure. Everyone else in my family has had the procedure already. My older sister, Rachel, has been disease free for nine years now. She’s been safe from love for so long, she says she can’t even remember its symptoms. I’m scheduled to have my procedure in exactly ninety-five days, on September 3. My birthday…

Can you remember which famous YA book those lines are from. It should be pretty easy…here we go.

And the answer is: Delirium, yes Delirium by Lauren Oliver

That was easy, wasn’t it? Anyway thanks for stopping by, and have yourself a great weekend.

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