Monday – what are you reading?

By all means this ain’t my usual cup of tea when it comes to book choices, but I must say I’m finding this story to be quite engaging. To be truthful though I did have a look at it during my Wattpad days, but didn’t like it much and only read a few chapters then stopped. This time around I don’t hate it in the same way and I’m flipping through the pages at pretty much a fast rate. Perhaps it’s that it has been officially published–with the through editing and enhancement that goes with that–and so it has improved a lot, with regards to everything that usually makes debut novels suck. The basic plot structure though hasn’t been altered really, and it constantly repeats: fight, make love, fight again then make love–you get my point.

As far as the characters go however, I’m finding Tessa to be naive and clumsy, and even too whiny at times, while at the same time I don’t think Harden is the complete, nonredeemable jerk that he has been accused of being. And although I don’t think the two are quite made for each other, I honestly do believe there’s some room that they can understand one another at last, but we will see if that comes to pass. All in all not a bad debut at all.

Now over to you, did you check this series when it came out? And if so, what did you think?

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