Monday-What are you reading

I just thought to grab this after glimpsing news that it had been turned into a TV series, by no less than Amazon Prime, of all content providers. It’s a contest based novel with a whooping $67k take-home prize for the winner, and for teenagers with pretty much nothing to do over the summer holidays, it takes a lot of effort to resist. This premise of the novel though is somewhat mindless because despite the real grim possibility of death and injury in the games, no one is forced to participate and getting involved is purely optional.

Reading-wise I’ve only gone about fifteen percent into the story and so far there hasn’t been any real fireworks, just some character intros and a few fights, but things might indeed get hotter as I wade deeper in. Lauren’s writing remains great, and her vivid descriptions bring to life even what might have been pretty mundane scenes, and I love her greatly for it. I haven’t watched the TV adaptation however, but might one of these days get to doing it.

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