Birthmarked- by Caragh O’Brien

A YA dystopian Trilogy

Come Fly With Us: Book Review: Birthmarked Trilogy
A YA Dystopian Trilogy

I picked this series up recently as part of my desire to visit most of those YA titles that I totally ignored at their time of publication but nonetheless achieved some measure of reader acceptance. This journey has produced quite some interesting surprises–which of course I cherished–but also at the same time I must say there has been a slew of disappointments along the way, too. The Birthmarked Trilogy unfortunately ranks among the worst in that category of disappointing reads.

I’m not really going to say a lot here because much has already been spoken about how so underwhelming this series is, and the many poor reviews on Goodreads are a case in point. Like most YA titles published in the new milennium, it features a love triangle, no a love square actually because not two but three men compete for the love of the heroin. The dystopian setting is intriguing at first but then everything just goes flat after after a number of chapters and the story never recovers from there. Books 2 and 3 were a complete waste of time, to say the least.

If you haven’t read this series then save yourself the time and just keep things that way.

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