Big Boned

I just came across this totally by accident as I was searching for some reasonably good YA to peruse, just like I have been doing so much lately. The author name of Meg Cabot would have been synonymous with such successful series as the Princess Dairies or other hit standalones like Teen Idol, but boy was I so surprised to learn that Big Boned is actually an adult book, and a murder mystery no less.

It’s a great story to be honest, and part of a long series as well, featuring curvy but body positive heroin Heather Wells who is just as snarky and self-deprecating as you’d expect of any Meg Cabot M/C. But while I don’t have any major issues with this book’s structure, or plot, or the quality of its prose, which is always superb anyway if it’s a Cabot book, I rather found it a little strange that a highly successful writer like her would stoop as low as to produce a complete Stephanie Plum clone. Because, yeah that’s what Heather Wells is, complete with the infamous love triangle and a whole passe of clownish supporting characters. Not to say that’s too much of a problem, since seriously a number of authors have tried to do it to varying degrees of success, among them Darynda Jones and her Charlie Davidson, but when it comes to Cabot that was so totally unnecessary. A celebrated author like her ought to have crafted something distinct, something with her own characteristic flavor and not some slightly modified version of another author’s creation.

So that became my only gripe with this book. Go ahead and check it out if you want and I probably will be doing the same with the other books in the series but to be honest I still maintain that I’m bummed that a powerful author like Meg can wash away her legacy and just become a very pale version of Janet Evanovich🙂

Meg Cabot

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