Delirium vs Matched

Seriously I hurt to do series comparisons because no two books are the same nor do two authors practice their craft in the same fashion, but the extreme similarity between Matched by Ally Condie, and Delirium by Lauren Oliver, left me with no choice. Needless to say those books were published long ago and a lot has been said about them but my own opinion concerning them has been bugging me so much in my head I just thought let me say something before letting the matter come to rest.

To proceed I shan’t really get into the meat of the two stories nor dwell too much on their characters considering these are famous books that sold very well in the market, but what I would only want to say is that I found Lauren Oliver to have produced the better series overall. The first books in both sets are probably equal in strength and appeal, but as the two series progressed, I think Matched declined significantly and by the end had become so pale and dull I had to labor hard to finish it.

Lauren Oliver on the other hand simply tried to spice things up and although she did not always succeed to maintain the same level of excitement, her main character came out way stronger and tougher than her competitor’s. And to sum it all up her story kept its central focus: that of dealing with and toppling a tyrannical administration, which is something that Matched completely failed to do as it suddenly turned to be more of a search for a cure, a thing that totally had nothing to do with its opening premise.

So go ahead call me names if you want but I think Lauren Oliver gave to the world the much better product here

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