Broken Things

Just came across this as I was looking for my first read of 2022 and it being another Lauren Oliver I expected it to be nothing short of a masterpiece. Needless to say therefore it didn’t disappoint that much in that department and it had quite some interesting twists and turns here and there.

For what I imagine might be the first time around, Lauren here employs two points of view that contrast quite interestingly. The two major characters are Brinny and Mia and each give their own contribution as to how the story unfolds. It’s clear the author wants us to love Brinny more but I have to confess that at the end I had fallen in love with Mia so much more

At its heart this novel is actually a murder mystery although it also possesses fantasy-like elements that actually dominate the story’s plot. To tell the truth you just have to read to see how great it is. I’m going to give it a 4 on Goodreads and I think that high rating is quite well deserved.

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