Monday-what are you reading

Honestly I never knew that Jennifer Armentrout writes contemporary Young Adult romantic fiction that pretty much reads like it were the slightly more serious New Adult variety. The main character of this story is almost-nineteen-years old Teresa Hamilton who habors a serious crush on her brother’s friend, Jase Winstead and the two of them collide at a New York university

I haven’t gone so far in the book to have a good idea of how the story will pan out but I’m okay so far with what I’ve encountered. At the outset though what I can say about this book is that it’s very tropey and cliched and that took some of the steam out of the plot but, then J. Armentrout’s writing is so entertaining, you always forgive her when she has gotten one aspect of her story so mundane.

So that said I am definitely going to finish this book and probably check out more of the titles in the series. Try it too if you love something fluffy and easy going

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