Be With Me

I just finished listening to the audio version of this and to tell the truth I liked it even if contemporary romance especially of the NA category isn’t really my type

The M/C Teresa is a wounded heroin, literally as well as figuratively, because she is recovering from a previous very abusive relationship while at the same time she is recuperating from a leg injury that’s threatening to put an end to her dance-career prospects. Jase, her love interest, has some serious baggage of his own that causes him to keep pushing Tess away even when it’s not necessary to do that at times. It doesn’t help either that Jase is a best friend of Tess’s brother, thereby putting her almost into a forbidden territory position. Fate though has its way if working its magic between them and they just can’t stay from one another for too long

Both heroine and hero were meant for each other in my opinion and despite those supervening issues between them as mentioned, they were able to easily overcome and have their happy ending. The chemistry between them is believable and I enjoyed very much all those scenes when they were together.

Please read this book to find it out for yourself

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