Stay With Me

Just finished listening to the audio version of this and really liked it. Carla Fritz is very likeable even though she does act like a total bitch at times. She’s so sympathetic too, having gone through a lot in life, to the extent that she keeps most of it a secret that she won’t share even with her closest friends.

The plot of this last installment in the series centers on Carla’s return to her home where she finds her mother missing (another story totally), only to be taken care of by one hell of a hot guy Jackson James who has become the head bartender in their family bar, that of course her mother has abandoned.

Sparks fly between Carla and Jackson, aka Jax, and if you are a romance reader you know how the story goes from here.

I liked the voice of the narrator too, and I thought she truly brought the story to life with her exquisite execution.

A total of 4 stars on Goodreads

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