Audio Books- My Recent Experiences

Audio books have become all the rage of late, and I am caught up in the craze.

For my part, though, it took a while to get attracted to them as my initial loathing for them had been so deep. Part of my objections stemmed from the fact that each time I took to one, it sounded like listening to a cassette tape or CD but without the music. All the time, my psychologically-conditioned mind would wait for the musical beat to come through but then it would only be the narrators voice and that didn’t take me long to get disappointed. Or the audio sometimes gave me the feeling of having gone back to my elementary or kindergarten years when were read to, since we couldn’t do it ourselves. I didn’t like that. Adult books were meant to be enjoyed in print form, and that’s how I wanted things to last forever.

Now not so any more. I have come to love audio books. The narrators voices transport me to heights I might not have reached had I been reading alone to myself. What a turnaround.

In fact what I have since discovered is that good narrators add dimensions to a story that the print version can’t have. They are like actors, and can convey a deep sense of emotion that makes you experience feelings you never would have had. It’s something I now wonder why I didn’t realize soon enough as I continued with my reckless bashing of audio. Today I know better.

Indeed much of the allure of audio lies in the voice of the narrator and I have to say my current favorite is Lorelei King. She is absolutely marvelous. She can inflect her voice in different ways to bring life to different characters in a story. Those who listen to books a lot may remember her from the popular Stephanie Plum series, but she is also the powerful voice behind Darynda Jones’s grim reaper series featuring Charlie Davidson.

Lorelei is in fact so good at her work, she made me grasp something I had completely missed. The grim reaper series is actually very similar to Janet Evanovich’s popular bounty hunter series! Charlie Davidson is a virtual clone of Stephanie Plum’s! This had never been apparent to me before — as I had sampled a few print versions of both authors. Now listening to Lorelei, it didn’t take me a second to make the connection — and Google even confirmed it. The plots and events actually mirror one another, except that one is more grounded in reality while the other is supernatural.

Kudos to Lorelei for making me get that, and I would have been none the wiser had it not been for her abilities. Audio books indeed add a certain depth to a story that print alone doesn’t have, and I think they will be around for a long time to come.

Happy listening to you all.

Heist: Cover and Blurb Reveal

After almost a year of steady effort, including burning the midnight candles, I am proud to announce that HEIST, my debut supernatural thriller, will publish on 31 October 2019, just in time for Halloween.

It features Buffalo, NY’s hard working witch hunter, Melanie, who must sweat to track a rogue mage who has just committed one of the most grievous magical crimes in the history of the whole wide world.

Here is the full blurb.

A vengeful ex in Buffalo, NY hires a witch to fix her former boyfriend who is just about to wed someone else. The witch, better known in her circles as ‘The Mage’, magically removes the boyfriend’s genitals and vanishes…

The case lands in the hands of powerful witch hunter and wizardess; Mel, the Breaker, Perkiss — who immediately starts a chase. She thrusts herself onto a deadly trail of treacherous black magic and malevolent beasts.

 Will Mel be able to corner the elusive mage, recover the taken ‘goods’ and save a doomed marriage, while bringing the perpetrators to justice?

Seriously I have poured my heart into this one, and tried to pack it with all the tension, humor and comedy that I am sure readers will love.

Do you think this is a story you might like to read? Hit me with some feedback.

A Grave Death by Victoria DeLuis

I am a recent convert to the Urban Fantasy genre and one author who has consistently produced storylines I love in this genre is Victoria DeLuis. She has the Rune Witch Mysteries, of which I binged through all the four tiles in short order. Following that, she has released a few other works that I have loved, but what I look forward to most is her current series, the Independent Necromancer’s Bureau (INB), of which only the first book has been released. It’s titled A Grave Death.
The INB is an outfit responsible for dealing with zombies, removing unwanted ghosts, and tracking down rogue necromancers. The M/C Cassie Dune is a sassy, fearless agent who gets the job done when she wants to.
In A Grave Death Cassie must hunt down a killer who not only has killed her friend and mentor but is also responsible for a couple other killings, and worse, has been known to animate corpses, turning then into murderous zombies.
What an enemy our heroine is up against.
I loved reading A Grave Death, discovering it’s world and characters through the exploits of it’s feisty lead. The pace is fast and the tension is palpable. The prose is clean and unpretentious, making the book very easy to read.
I recommend the whole Independent Necromancy Bureau series to anyone who would like to take on an Urban Fantasy series with a lot of promise.

MY RATING 5 Stars out of 5